Stone(s) Rainbow Aura Quartz
Wire Gold Filled
Source Rock and crystal shops
Properties Combines energies of Quartz with Gold and Titanium bonded to it
Activates all energy centers, bringing in positive energy. Helps release negative emotions
Price $80.00

Shipping within Canada $10



Stone(s) Chalcedony with faceted Topaz
Wire Red Brass
Source Worldwide
Properties Chalcedony: Promotes brotherhood, strong cleanser
Topaz: Soothes and aligns body meridians, Helps to focus intention toward manifestation
Price $80.00

Shipping within Canada $10



Stone(s) Ammolite
Wire Red Brass & Copper
Source Alberta
Properties: Activates Metaphysical Powers, Converts negative energy into positive
Price $80.00

Shipping within Canada $10



Crystal: Rhodochrosite

Wire: gold filled wire

Source: Argentina

Properties: “stone of love and balance”, gives a dynamic, positive attitude, assists in entering the golden ecstasy state in meditation. Aids with healing the earth. Energizes base, sacral and heart chakras, acting on physical, astral and mental planes. Helps attract a soulmate.

Price: $140.00


Stones:   1. Apophyllite with 2.  Stilbite

Wire: Red Brass

Source: Various wordwide

Properties:  Helps create a conscious connection between physical and spiritual states. Facilitates astal travel. Helps one to recognize and act on truth. Helps respiratory systems and asthma, allergies and rejuvenates eyes. Helps prepare a person for channeling.

Price: $90.00




Stone: Herkimer Diamond cluster

Wire: Gold Filled

Source: Various, especially Herkimer, New York

Properties: Energizes, enlivens, promotes creativity, stimulates psychic abilities, promotes dream recall, clears electromagnetic pollution or radioactivity and geopathic stress.

Price: $90.00



Stone: Ajoite in Quartz cluster (rare) hematite

Wire: Argentium Sterling Silver

Source: Messina Mine, South Africa (collectors’ piece)

Properties: Peace of the heart, joyful acceptance, emotional well-being, angelic connections, ‘feminine’ stone

Price: $240.00



Stone(s): 1. Malachite with 2. 3 turquoise beads

Wire: Argentium Sterling Silver

Source: Mozambique, Arizona, China, etc.

Properties: 1. Stone of transformation, assists in cleaning chakras, gives protection from negative energies. Imbues a healthy energy pattern for the heart. Said to still be evolving into a major healing stone for the new age.

  1. Stone for wholeness and truth, healing, spiritual attunement, purification

Price: $90.00


Stone(s): 1. Libyan Desert Tektite 2. 7 Padparadscha Sapphires

Wire: Sterling Silver

Source: 1. Sahara Desert

  1. Sri Lanka

Properties: 1. Extremely powerful stone. Enhances one’s will, power of manifestation, creativity.

  1. Stone of financial abundance, prosperity. Stimulates life force and creativity. Rarest of the sapphires.

Price: $140.00